Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons

Looking for Kids Swimming Lessons? Look no further as we are one of the largest swim school in Singapore. With over 320+ fully certified instructors, we can conduct affordable swimming lessons at your preferred location, schedule and budgets.

Safety First

Learning how to swim should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Thus, finding the right instructors for your kids can be quite stressful. At “Swimming Lesson for Kids”, we take the stress out for you.

All our instructors are certified by Sports Singapore, and are fully qualified to conduct classes based on SwimSafer Programme. Not only that, all our swimming instructors are certified in both First Aid and CPR.

When we say safety first, we really meant it.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 320+ certified instructors
  • Conducted at all 22 public swimming pools
  • Trained over 7000+ students and counting
  • Private swim lessons for adults as well


Kids Swimming Lessons

Hear what the parents got to say about our Kids Swimming Lessons

Happen to find their swimming classes for kids near me, so took a leap of faith and join their swim lessons.

My girl also had phobia of water which we thought might be a issue. However, her instructor managed to help her overcome her fear by the end of the 3rd lessons.

Not only that, my girl had lots of fun during her lessons. I’m really glad i send my girl to this swimming lessons.

In fact, she is looking forward her weekly swim lessons.

Adrian Teo (Sengkang Swimming Complex)

Sent both of my sons to coach Chris swimming lessons. The elder one had prior swimming lessons by another coach before, therefore he already learn most of the basic swimming style.

However, coach Chris managed to help my son to further improve them. Now he can swim butterfly stroke even more gracefully.

As for the younger one, this is his first swimming lessons and i can see that is he truly enjoying it.

Joseph Chow (AMK Swimming Complex)

Our swimming coach was Steven, and we opt for private swimming class as we’re staying in condo. Steven is a very patient coach, that’s all i can say.

Although both of my children are of different swimming standard , Steven managed to adjust his coaching style such that both of my child give the requirement guidance as required.

Will recommend him to my relatives as well.

Mandy (Punggol Condo)

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